We provide you with integrated system solutions for your IT, being specialized in data and system integration as well as process automation. These areas have become increasingly important in the course of digitisation and may generate high savings.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to the topic „workload automation“. Well thought-out job scheduling is considered as an important success factor, especially in large system environments.

Benefit from our qualified recruiting services. If you are looking for any special expertise, we will assist you with selected IT-experts.

Our training services complete our offer and we are looking forward to compile programs, tailored to your employees and their requirements.


We consider ourselves as specialists in all areas of data and system integration, from design, implementation and operation of interface solutions to the development of complete EAI and middleware platforms. In this context, we apply webMethods´ product range being one of our core competencies.

With high interest we track the current developments in the area of ​​in-memory data management from Terracotta, as well as scalable open source solutions, such as the promising products from Talend and MuleSoft.


The webMethods Integration Platform enables a facile integration of multiple systems and applications by using standardized adapters and ready-made solutions - almost without any implementation effort – leading to a reduced “time to market” and “decoupling of the systems”. Standard software and legacy systems merge into a transparent system landscape, maintenance costs are reduced and integration projects can be faster implemented.


You want to speed up your data access, preferably in real-time? Then rely on the in-memory database solution from Software AG. Whether structured, partially structured, unstructured or polymorphic data - the NoSQL System Terracotta supports all data structures and scales linearly.


It does not matter whether if it refers to the integration of Salesforce, SAP or legacy systems - the Anypoint Platform from Mulesoft accelerates your digital transformation by a multiple on-premise or in the cloud.


Integration suiting your budget - Start your data and application integration projects with the free Open Studio and, at a later stage, professionalize it with a subscription to Talend, depending on your requirements. Data and system integration, ETL, Big Data, API management – everything is possible.


As digitalization progresses, more and more companies are turning to BPM technologies from webMethods and prevalently opt for the platform solution from Camunda.


Software AG's Dynamic Apps Platform helps you accelerate and streamline your manual processes. Automated rule-based decisions, task management and robotics are just a few interesting aspects of this outstanding solution BPMN 2.0.


With Camunda's open source platform for workflow and decision automation, you achieve the next level in your process automation. Even if it is programmed in code or implemented as a simple state machine, you can basically migrate to Camunda's standardized solution, saving maintenance costs as well as being prepared for the future due to its high scalability, developer friendliness and stability.


The topics „Enterprise Job Scheduling“ and „Workload Automation“ complete our service portfolio concerning an integrated digitization strategy.

CA Atomic Workload Automation

CA Automic Workload Automation (AWA), being part of CA Automic One Automation Platform, is automating, integrating as well as accelerating complex business processes in on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments.


The consultant network of Clients & Experts GmbH facilitates to support and drive your projects fast and straightforward allocating freelance IT-experts or experts from our partners. Expansion of our portfolio with below solutions:

  • Middleware/Digitization (EAI, ESB, SOA): webMethods, Seeburger, Inubit, IBM IIB/ITX, SAP PI/CPI, API Management Solutions
  • ERP: SAP, Oracle, Microsoft
  • Databases: Oracle, DB2, SAPDB, SQL, ADABAS
  • Programming: ABAP, Java/JEE, .NET, C++, Natural, PHP, iOS
  • IT-Security: cyber security, information and data security

You are looking for a special know-how not indicated above – anyway, we will of course find the exact solution for you.


We provide individual training sessions focused on webMethods and CA Automic Software.